Paradise beach

paradise beach
paradise beach

A beautiful and crowded beach, famous since the days of “hippies.” Paradise Beach is a great beach with coarse sand, located in the southern part of the island. Two mini markets, newspapers, laundry, water supply and electricity, natural shadow and canes, a restaurant with international cuisine open all day, souvenir shop, Internet, fax, secretarial support, a playground on the beach and so forth. Also rented rooms are available within the premises of the beach.

Beach Level




  • Paradise Beach Resort & Camping 149 m.
  • San Giorgio 260 m.
  • Mykonos Camping 383 m.
  • Zephyros Hotel 524 m.
  • Almyra Guest Houses 559 m.

  • Nikolas 450 m.
  • Tasos Taverna m.
  • Blanco 574 m.
  • Bonatsa 949 m.
  • Diethnes 1014 m.

  • Paradise 84 m.
  • Sunrise Paradise 138 m.
  • Tropicana 185 m.
  • Salty 398 μ.
  • Radio Paraga 420 m.


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