By car or motorbike

Moving by the car, it costs more than the public transportation but it is ideal for exploring every corner of the island and discover the many hidden beauties of Mykonos Island. You can rent a car or motorbike before reach the island and pick it up at the port or airport of Mykonos.

Every foreigner who is 18 years and more and holds a full, recognised foreign driving licence can drive in Greece for at least one year after arrival. This means younger drivers who hold a driving licence in their home country can’t drive in Greece until they reach 18 years.

Renting a car or motorbike is an excellent solution in order to move in Mykonos with the style that suits to you. Rent a car for your entire stay or just a part of it. You will find several car rental companies, many of which offer special prices. Rental companies will need to show a valid driving license issued in your previous country of residence. You must hold a residence permit issued for a period of at least one year (some companies require 2 years). If your license has been issued with additional documents, you will have to show these. If your license is not issued by an EC / ECA country, you may need an international driving license.



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