The Aegean Diet candidate for UNESCO

sea food
sea food

Candidate for the UNESCO List the Aegean Diet

After successfully asserting and designated as the Culinary Region of Europe 2019, the South Aegean Region make a further step towards global recognition and dissemination of Aegean diet. They began discussions on the drafting of the proposal filing dossier for registration of Aegean diet in the list of UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The Recognition of Aegean diet by UNESCO, as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, will guarantee as a multidimensional asset, which is composed of local products of the islands, the production methods, the particular climatic and soil conditions, eating habits, culture, customs and traditions.

The objective of the application indicate the Region that “the multifaceted enhancement of the South Aegean identity, insular traditional products and local food and is part of the strategic choice of South Aegean Region to promote local, quality products of the islands, in international markets, along with the proliferation of local traditions and culture”.

The Aegean diet, which is a special and unique way of life, which leverages its insular land treasures and sea, may be, as does the South Aegean Region, a powerful tool for development, through the promotion of insular gastronomy and regional products and the interconnection of local production in tourism.

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