Real Estate in Mykonos

Owning a property in Mykonos has proven to be for many a sound investment, the price of property and land has proven to be the best investment over the medium and long term. Tourism to Mykonos has continued to increase at a rapid rate each year, resulting in an increased demand for ‘holiday homes’ and holiday rental accommodation. This provides the investor with the maximum potential capital growth.

Annual Reader Surveys by major travel magazines continually confirm the perception of Mykonos as one of the most enchanting travel destination in the world. The friendly people and the absence of security problems guarantee a completely relaxing stay. Communications have been improving (nowadays even high-speed Internet connection is available), and frequent direct flights connect Mykonos with many places around the world.

A wide range of imported food and drinks from all countries is available. Full-time cooks, maids, gardeners, drivers, etc. are easily affordable which means you can live very comfortably in Mykonos at reasonable cost. Medical services are provided by local hospitals and international clinics such as International SOS and the “Mykonos Medical Center” which both co-operate with overseas experts for tele-diagnosis.

How we can help you

Invest in Mykonos always takes a long-term view delivering exceptional service both during the buying process as well as long after completion. We assist you throughout the entire process of purchasing because we consider that it is essential for us to offer you a secured transaction, particularly in the following fields:

  1. Legal, validation of title deeds, sale transaction and registration of the transfer. Our English speaking lawyer can translate into English the main legal documents in order to allow you to keep control of the transaction.
  2. Tax, our services related to the acquisition process include the tax procedures liaising with the local Tax Authorities.
  3. Technical, partnerships with most competent architects and civil engineers.
  4. Financial, assisting you in estimates or other financial surveys you may eventually need for your project.
  5. We also offer services of architectural studies, decoration, construction and renovation, by cooperating with specialized companies and professionals from corresponding branches.


We are not estate agents dealing only in the sale and purchase of properties in Mykonos but architects and engineers with local knowledge of Mykonos and we have the expertise to help you on every step towards creating your ideal home or business in Mykonos.

Our services include:

  • Selection of the most interesting properties or bossiness based on customer’s needs and their budget.
  • Comprehensive advice from first contact up to the signing of the public deed of sale.
  • Assisting customers to apply for their residence permit.

We can also take charge of:

  • Registration for electricity and water supply.
  • Application for a telephone connection.
  • Our company checks that the properties and plots are legal and have appropriate certificates etc.
  • If required we can provide your property/business with security systems.
  • Our repair and restoration service is available at all times.
  • By agreement we can purchase furniture, decorative items and other equipment for your property/business
  • Building & Renovating

We undertake construction projects, architectural design, issuing building permits, direct labor and supervision of your building. Our renovation and construction services run from large-scale home makeovers and restorations to business renovations. We provide services to hotels, restaurants, recreational sites, homes, apartments, and much more. Among our building and renovation services, we offer the following:

  • Constant communication with owner
  • Budget estimate at the development phase
  • Material estimate and ordering
  • Project management (scheduling, coordination, supervision)
  • Identifying qualified subcontractors (plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc)
  • Preparation & distribution of bidding documents
  • Project organization & procedure documentation

Step 1 : Preliminary analysis of your project
Analysis of your requirements.

Proposal of a search mandate

Step 2 : Search and selection of properties
Search and visit by our local team of properties that best suit your needs.

Presentation of our selected properties: photos, layouts, price, location, means of transportation, etc.

Step 3 : Visit the properties
Arrangements for your visit in Mykonos

Step 4 : Advice and assistance
Negotiation with seller

Legal and financial assistance (lawyers, notaries, banks, insurance companies)

Services “a la carte”: architects, civil engineers, interior designers, etc.

Step 5 : Conclusion of the sale transaction
Signature of the deed of transfer with a notary assisted by our English speaking lawyer

Step 6 : Follow-up of the transaction
Property management: annual tax returns, gardening, renting, housekeeping, etc.

Tips & Guides

The Lowest property prices within the last 6 years

A large selection of high quality properties
The lowest investment amount to obtain residence permit; 1/2 less than Portugal, Spain, less than Cyprus
Only 4-5 days required to obtain the title deed after buying the property
Travelling to 26 Schengen Countries after obtaining the residence permit (maximum 3 months stay every 6 months)
No time limit to the period of ownership
Fast track procedures; initial grant of residence permit in about 2 months
No limit on the number of properties that can be purchased by a foreign buyer
Access to the Health Care and Free Education


Our investment specialists provide customized advice to clients at each stage of the investment decision, risk management and investment monitoring process. We provide high quality and independent investment advice-helping clients enhance returns on their investments while reducing or managing risk and cost.

Our consulting services:

Finding resources (experts, material)
Objective and detailed advice of offers, areas, and prices.
Collaborating with local and regional suppliers
Government and regulatory procedures
We introduce experienced lawyers to our customers to perform tasks related to the purchase of the property, their residence permit application or any other tasks our customers request
We refer our customers to the financial institutions with the highest levels of service and convenience

• We also consult on the range of factors to be taken into consideration when defining fund objectives and overall investment policy in light of current legislative requirements.