Why Mykonos

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Why Visit Mykonos…

Because Mykonos is a living legend that everybody dreams to visit at least one time in their life. Because Mykonos knows the way to seduce its visitor and make unforgettable each moment of their vacations. Because Mykonos is well known about its white beauty, unique for its social life, famous for its proffesional turist services amazing for its hospitality and kindness of its habitants, loved for its various paradise look beaches and finally famous for its beautifull pavements, that became the crossroad of goods, ideas, taste, fashion and without stop entertainment… Because Day by day, Mykonos for many years now, is expert on details, so it can offer to visitors unforgettable vacation experiences. Love, socializing, exaggeretions, non stop parties accompany by tradition, classic island colour, quality, culture, originality. Mykonos make its moment UNIQUE.


Mykonos is located in the Central Aegean and belongs in Cyclades. The total area is 105,481 acres, while the length of the coastline amounts to 81 km. Comprised of the municipality of Mykonos. The total permanent population, is about 9,320 residents in accordance with the census of 2001 (E.S.Y). Mykonos has a maximum length of 14 km and a width of 10 km. The shoreline form within which penetrate deep into the land. Most important is the atria Country Panormos and Ornos Beach. Two habitats which are of interest are two coastal wetlands in the Bay village, the elm and the northernmost village, flood periodically forming small lagoons. In the sea area of Panormos region and in other locations around the island of Mykonos seals have been found. In Panormos bay, there is a pray refuge shelter of Moroergos (4,200 acres).

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