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About our Services

Web Design. All modern businesses when they invest in internet promotion that they want is a site that meets the high demands of competition and the constant flow of information that the internet provides. In e-mykonos mainly using the award winning open source software Joomla CMS (Content Management Systems), WordPress and independently developed applications using PHP & MySQL enables our clients to utilize all the skills development of their website parametropoiontas application measures and their needs.

Content Management Systems (CMS) can be used to:

• News media (newspapers, magazines, news agencies, etc.)

• Presentations of companies and personnel

• Product catalogs

• Product Presentations

• Online support

• Advertisements and announcements

• Presentations and display geographic areas

• Advertisements

• Press Releases

• Terms and Contracts

• Maps, directions, instructions

What are the benefits of using the application

The benefits arising from the implementation and use of a content management system are many and important:

• Normalize the process of creating an information

• faster time to create new pages and changes to existing

• Greater consistency in appearance

• Improved navigation on the site

• Increased flexibility in site

• Support the decentralized information system

• Increased safety

• Reduce duplication of information

• Increased scalability

• Reduced maintenance costs

• Updating content from anywhere

• Simultaneous update by multiple users and different computers

• Do not require any special technical knowledge of managers

• Safety design site from wrong actions, which could create problems in appearance

• Reducing the load on the server (server) and use less space, since there are several recurring static pages, since the development of the pages are dynamically

• All content is recorded in / to databases, which can more easily and quickly to protect them keeping backups.


Certainly there are other features and additional services, according to CMS, which once charged extra and sometimes incorporated and are free to use, such as:

• Application management and promotional advertising banners, polls and customization (personalisation)

• Ability to display content to partner sites (syndication)

• Statistics

• Manage Members

• Newsletters

• Forum

Never management of your website was simple and direct. Take advantage of the multiple features of CMS web application and get complete control on your website without specialist knowledge.