Bakeries in Mykonos


Bakeries in Mykonos. Top Bakery products from special Mykonian traditional recipes. All Mykonos bakeries bake bread with the best hygiene standards. Traditional ovens make bread from the best raw materials.

Address: Drafaki

Phone: 22890 27300

Address Mall Delos

Phone: 22890 27732

<strong>ATTIKOI FOURNOI</strong>
Address: Kaminaki

Phone: 22890 77430

<strong>O FOURNOS TOU GERASIMOU</strong>
Address: 13 St. Gerasimos

Phone: 22890 25727

Address: Vothonas

Phone: 22890 23677

<strong>BERTOU CATHERINE</strong>
Address: Ano Mera

Phone: 22890 71404

<strong>TO ZYMOTO</strong>
Address: Vougli

Phone: 22890 78405

Address: Fabrika

Phone: 22890 23001

<strong>KOUTSOUKOS GEORGIOS</strong>
Address: Ano Mera

Phone: 22890 71567


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