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Activities in Mykonos Island

Mykonos has rightly earned the title of most cosmopolitan island of Greece. Here travelers from all social classes and cultures come together to create an atmosphere of joy. This unique island in the Cyclades has managed over the years to attract more and more visitors. Mykonos also attracts internationally famous DJ’s, on the island clubs and bars.

Worldwide known is the Super Paradise, and Paradise Beach.

Additionally, Mykonos is gay-friendly island during the summer, and many gay clubs are all over to be found. Overall, the island is widely known for its very interesting night life, with countless bars and clubs, which can serve even the most visitors. The nightclubs of Mykonos are so many and so different one from another, which is undoubtedly will get your attention. There are no strict rules of dress code, because to end up being danced to any of the clubs with a swimsuit and sunglasses, is the natural flow of things …

First stop for a drink you can make at the bars of Alefkantras area and Little Venice, in order to enjoy the beautiful sunset, drinking cocktails at tables on the sea or in the wooden balcony of the “Venetian” area At Matogianni Street you will find bars and lounge-cafe tastefully decorated, and a great variety of music. If you are lucky and find an empty one of the few tables located at the entrance of the cafes and bars, you will enjoy you’re drinks watching the masses of travelers pass in front of you.

After making a pass at all bars and you still can handle more dance, drop a visit on one of the clubs on the island, where the crowds getting wild on the tables and sidebars with the most famous Greek and foreign music hits. For the lovers of Greek live music are open until late Greek venues known as “bouzoukia“. As for the next morning – another day starts at one of the seaside beach-bar in Mykonos – declaring that the fun on the island of winds throughout the day. It will be many years before losing the position of number one on tourism destination, around Greece and particularly in a frenetic fun!