Selling / Renting / Moving

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Selling / Renting / Moving. Before selling or renting your property there are some important improvements that can be made to get the most for your house/business and sell it quickly. Our professionals can help focus your effort on the things that will make a real difference to buyers.

1.Learn its value before you sell

Setting the right price before you list is critical for getting the most for your home/bussiness and selling it quickly. A professional with knowledge of local prices can prepare a market analysis giving you the facts and insights to set the right price.

2.Guidance through the selling process

Our professionals will help you better understand the selling process and guide you through the necessary steps. Our knowledge of local home/business values and expertise in pricing and negotiation are important assets in getting the most from your sale.

3.Marketing and Networking

Getting the best price is about finding the right buyers for your home or business. We offer a powerful network of local and international buyers.

Services: Market research, Identifying needs and location, Property presentation, Viewings, Legal examination, Taxes examination, The technical characteristics, Negotiations with property owners, Presentation of agreements, Free consultancy for purchasing procedure, Mortgage assistance, Information on Re-location, After-sales advice for property maintenance or for remodeling services. We communicate and inform interested investors as to the prevailing regulatory, legal, tax and financial framework which apply to investments in Greece.

Getting started: Contacting our investment team should be the first step you take if you are interested in investing in Mykonos. Our team offers extensive knowledge of the local investment environment and has substantial experience helping international investors/buyers invest and live in Mykonos.

Immigration and investment: Greece has flexible immigration policies designed to facilitate access for investors and entrepreneurs.

Greece Real Estate Immigration Investment ( Non EU Nationals)

  • Buying one or more properties with a minimum total value of 250.000 Euro.
  • 5 Years Residence Permit in Greece
  • Easy Renewal process Every 5 years for the same period if the ownership status remains unchanged.
  • Free Entry and Exit in 26 Schengen countries including 24 of the EU countries
  • No minimum or maximum period of staying in Greece or number of revisits;
  • No any effect on residence permit holders’ normal and work life in their home countries
  • Joint ownership if each of the co-owners invests at least 250,000 Euro.
  • Family members, spouse and children less than 18 years old, may be granted a personal residence permit which is renewed for the same duration concurrently with the residence permit of the real estate owner-sponsor.
  • No knowledge of Greek or English Language is required
  • Freehold ownership; No time limit to the period of ownership
  • Fast Track Procedures; may take less than 3 months to receive the Residence Permit.
  • Title deed in 4-6 days after registering the property transfer at the land registry / registry of mortgages.
  • Access to Education free of tuition Fees and to the Health Care Services