5 Secluded Private beaches in Mykonos

5 Secluded Private Mykonos Beaches

If there is someone who wants to visit Mykonos and spend quiet and relaxing holidays, making his bath away from the very loud beaches, he has choices. Yes, Mykonos has quiet beaches. We are revealing to you today 5 of the 10 "hidden" beaches of Mykonos that you will not believe there are on this island. 5 quiet beaches in Mykonos that even in the summer months like in July and August the crowd you meet will be a bit short.


Fragia Beach

Fragia Beach belongs to the secluded beaches of Mykonos and until a few years ago it was not allowed to access it or walk by the fact that the access area was owned by a resident of Mykonos. This made Fragia beach exclusively accessible from the sea and only for those who had a boat or patch..



Vatheia Lagada Beach

Vathia Lagada beach is located at the northeastern tip of Mykonos, 15 km. from Chora. And by its name, (in greek means Deep Grazing) you can imagine how it looks like. The Vatheia Lagada beach is one of the most difficult to reach beaches of Mykonos, but also of the most difficult to find.



Merchia Beach

Merchia Beach is a fine sandy beach, with deep clear waters, and there are some trees near by that can offer you shade. It is on the quiet secluded beaches of Mykonos and there are no umbrellas and sun loungers. In fact, there is nothing but the sea and you.



Fokos Beach

Mobile off, absolute serenity and incredible smoothy sand. Fokos beach in Mykonos is a beautiful beach right after the second dam of Mykonos with a landscape quite different from the usual Cycladic.



Loulos Beach

Loulos Beach is a calm beach that does not attract many people. It has rocks for dives and a glittering bay with pebbles. The waters are spotless and turquoise. Someone who likes walking can also go by the foot from Kalo Livadi beach to Loulos Beach.



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