Other Services

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Drafting of necessary legal documentation: contacts, proprietary registers, deed of sale, etc.
Cooperation of competent professionals in your native language, such as notaries, lawyers, architects, banks.
supplying general and customized reports on Mykonos investment opportunities, costs and regulatory processes for your investment
Selection of suitable sites for your investment projects

– Engineering and Technical Services
Design and implementation of maintenance programs, ensuring all works are undertaken in the most cost-effective manner. This area also includes energy consumption management and technical support such as replacing inefficient devices and repairing leaks. Finally active measures for the optimization and automation of energy systems where substantial savings can be made.

– Financial Services:
Providing information and facilitating access to other Government funding programs, and helping to remove potential obstacles. We can also organise Greek bank accounts which have been developed in accord with the requirements of our customers; including cash point cards, cheque books, account transfers, internet and telephone banking together with insurance and investment advice.

What is Invest in Mykonos
Invest in Mykonos (IM) is a leading provider of investment services in Mykonos, and offers customized guidance and practical solutions at every stage of the investment decision; from strategy, structure and implementation through to ongoing monitoring process.

We offer:
PROVEN EXPERTISE – Professionals specialising in different areas – from architecture to construction management – whose combined experience provides effective solutions for your challenges and objectives.
POWERED BY IDEAS – Our forward-thinking people, using rigorous research to help you access your investment options in Mykonos, improve your returns, control your risk and reduce your costs.
CUSTOMIZED DELIVERY – By building a dynamic working relationship, we help you achieve your objectives by providing you with the right tools, advice and practical solutions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]