For water enthusiasts snorkeling or scuba diving in Mykonos is a must. Dive Centers in Mykonos offers a well-organized programs, which takes divers to a variety of reefs located around the island. Diving on Mykonos Island means diving into the past and ancient history with each stroke of your fins. Amphorae and pots can be seen, traces of the ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Also offers wreck diving: old and new ships have sunk in this area. The “Peloponnesos”, in particular which sunk in 1926 onto one of the most beautifully colourful reefs with its plants and abundance of fish, is a rarity. Parts of the ship are found in the shallows and the well preserved tail in deeper waters. “Anna II” is a cargo ship which sunk in 1995. It can be reach in only 10 minutes by boat “Anna II” offers all the advantages of wreck diving: a reef with a lot of variety in a perfect depth of 20 – 30 meters and a wreck that is also very well preserved.

Interesting diving sites for novice or experienced divers are found all around Mykonos island. Very popular and interesting diving site is the Paradise Reef, with wide diversity of marine life. Another diving site is Dragonisi, an uninhabited islet with spectacular rock formations. Diving sites in Mykonos are easily accessible, most within 10 to 15 min. The water is blue-turquoise, transparent and crystal clear. There is no phytoplankton, which probably has influenced this state of the water. Fish are one of the most interesting part of the sea fauna, they are diverse and colorful. Visibility is more than 25-50 meters/160 feet depending on the weather conditions. Water Temperature varies between 18 – 24° C/60 – 74° F depending the season.

Here are some diving centers in Mykonos Island:

Dive Adventures

Mykonos Diving Center

Go Dive Mykonos



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